Our Story


A Project that comes from a Dream.

A Product that grows together with its Creator in a path of transformation and improvement

that will bind them indissolubly.


“A life that has not made discounts and an immense desire for redemption: it is with these premises that Emin Haziri, the founder of Jo Ressel Gin, at the age of 17 closes all his dreams in a in a suitcase and leaves.”

“You can’t be a great Chef
without starting from the bottom!”

Destination: the cuisine of Miramonti l’Altro. Dismissed the kitchen student’s dress of good hopes is the time to roll up your sleeves: you cannot be a great Chef without starting from the bottom!
Plucking, squashing, various shreddings become his daily bread and here the hand slowly becomes more precise and firm: it’s time to fly to Hamburg! Here, at the Gallo Nero restaurant, the Chef takes him under his wing, revealing him the first secrets of that fascinating world.
But it is in the encounter with Chef Gunter Piccolruaz that Emin will find his Mentor and Friend. A long friendship that still lives today and the meaning of the word Perfection in the kitchen.

“It is here that Emin understands that his passion for both cooking and Gin can find a meeting point and give life to something unique!

Milano calls: it is the center of Food, in the years of the Expo, and the opportunity to work at Carlo and Camilla in Segheria arrives. This is where the encounter with Filippo Sisti happens. It is here that Emin understands that his passion for both cooking and Gin can find a meeting point and give life to something unique!
The first bizarre experiments begin. The idea of creating a Gin that merges haute cuisine and that encloses the aromas of its territory is now vivid in his mind, but there is still a long way to go!
Between one evening and the other time flies, until the call from Enrico Bartolini at the Mudec disrupts everything. It is the time of rigour, of technical perfection. Of incessant rhythms and fatigue. But how much technique learned! The palate and the pairings are ready, first a sublimation of the classic taste is needed, and a sharp turn towards something unusual shall follow.

“Copenhagen is the inspiration
for that bit of madness to put in the Gin.”

The dream of a life comes true: working in Villa Crespi. A world oriented toward taste and flavours sublimated in their essence. Nothing more, nothing less. Dishes that first delight the eyes and then excite the palate. The taste is the master and the refined Gin recipe now takes shape a balanced and round taste. Something is missing: a pinch of madness!
Where to find the novelty, the latest frontier, the taste that cannot be found? Emin flies to Noma in Copenhagen. The experience that changes life. An incredible world, made of new flavors, where innovation is taken to the extreme. An adventure made of barbecue by the sea with brothers from all over the world and beers drunk at the kiosk of Gasoline Burger, after closing hours, in the long summer nights. Foraging, fermentation, the most extreme combinations: Copenhagen is the inspiration
for that bit of madness to put in the Gin


Emotions take shape and the two souls that live in the heart of Emin come to life: its most pungent and intense side will be expressed with the aromas of the Karst territory and the botany that grow spontaneously in its harsh land. Its sweetest and most intimate part will orient towards the Adriatic coast, with its eyes turned to its origins, in a journey that will depart from Trieste to the tip of the boot.

Jo Ressel Gin was born, meet Jo Ressel Vento Carsico and Jo Ressel Brezza Adriatica!

And now? Well… now… let’s start a new journey!

I hope you enjoy,


Jo Ressel srls
Viale Miramare, 87
34136 Trieste - Italy


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