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Jo Ressel Gin is the culmination of a journey, a long wandering of an ambitious and never satisfied young man, who trained working hard in the kitchens of the best restaurants of the world, in search of the Perfect Recipe. A continuous encounter and confrontation, of flavors and contrasts, up to find the purest soul, the one that dwells within themselves.
Jo Ressel Gin is born, a product inextricably linked to its territory, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Karst, a Made in Italy that will make you fall in love.
Jo Ressel, like its city Trieste, has a double soul: in Gin Vento Carsico, an intense and pungent side. In the Gin Brezza Adriatica a soft and enveloping soul!


Taste the Jo Ressel Experience


Emin Haziri, Cook and Dreamer

A life that has not made discounts and an immense desire for redemption: it is with these premises that Emin Haziri, the founder of Jo Ressel Gin, at the age of 17 closes all his dreams in a in a suitcase and leaves. During his long journey in the world of haute cuisine he will understand how to combine his experience with his passion for Gin and high quality artisanal products. Through the flavors and tastes encountered, from the most traditional to the most extreme, he will collect experiences and memories that will jealously keep in his heart and distill in drops of pure passion in the bottle of Jo Ressel Gin.

Botanicals of a unique territory, caressed by Wind and Breeze, nestled between Karst and Adriatic Sea


Gin Vento Carsico

I walk along a karst path,
In a cold, dark, dewy morning.
The pungent notes of Mugo Pine
vibrate on the palate, enhanced by the refreshing freshness of the lemon peel.
Step by step, through an inhospitable landscape, yet teeming with life, the Sage and the Juniper chase each other in the Wind among the branches and reach me, in an enveloping, infinite embrace.


Gin Brezza Adriatica

I close my eyes. I rewind the tape and relive the emotions of that trip on the road along the Adriatic coast.
The Breeze caresses my face.
I still breath clearly the floral and fruity notes of Karkadè and Fresh Orange, enjoying along the path from Trieste to the tip of the boot. In a moment I find myself in a vortex of passion between Rosehip, Juniper and Pomegranate. The air is filled with the freshness of the flowers, to conclude a journey that I will remember forever.


Food Contamination: a Gin that pairs with your dish. But not only. It becomes an Ingredient.


The world changes, the kitchen reinvents itself. Boundaries between bar and kitchen are broken down: the era of Contamination has begun. It is in this context that Jo Ressel fully expresses himself.
A Gin that was created in the Kitchen. A Gin that in the Kitchen finds its home.
Jo Ressel wants to accompany and enhance the dish. And to satisfy the best palate, Jo Ressel takes an extra step: It becomes an ingredient.
Jo Ressel Vento Carsico, with the intense and balsamic flavor of Mugo Pine and its hints of undergrowth finds its natural combination with meat dishes and game, the most tasty and wild.
Jo Ressel Brezza Adriatica, with its naturally sweet and delicate soul, is able to enrich the best fish dishes tasted by the sea and is able to enhance all pastry products.
In the Joressel community you can find those who, like you, share love
for good food and quality drinks. You will find recipes and cocktails designed by Emin Haziri
and his colleagues and friends, both Chefs and Barmen and you can always interact, ask questions
and propose your very own version of the recipe.
The community is waiting for you: when do you join





"Innovative Concept"

Through this project, Emin is proposing a new approach to Gin, where the kitchen merges with the bar to return a unique product. A must try.

Filippo Sisti
Bartender and Pioneer of Liquid Kitchen

"I am at Home"

I close my eyes… I take a sip… and I feel the scents, the flavors of my land…
And I feel at home… I am at home.

Daniele Cavaliero
Basketball Player

"Unexpected Balance"

This Gin is pleasant, delicate and can enhance pastry dishes with ingredients such as mugo pine that can hardly be dosed in the kitchen, with proportions so balanced. I can’t wait to prepare a recipe with Vento Carsico Gin!

Alessandro Parodi
Pastry Chef at Le Couvent des Minimes




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