Botanicals of a unique territory, caressed by Wind and Breeze, nestled between Karst and Adriatic Sea


A strong link with the Territory: in the chosen Botanicals, a tribute to the Karst territory and the Adriatic Coast. To get the best taste of the double soul of Trieste.

“You will find more in the woods than in books.

Trees and stones will teach you what you cannot learn from masters.”

San Bernardo


Gin Vento Carsico


I walk along a karst path,
In a cold, dark, dewy morning.
The pungent notes of Mugo Pine.
vibrate on the palate, enhanced by the refreshing freshness of the lemon peel.
Step by step, through an inhospitable landscape, yet teeming with life, The Sage and the Juniper chase each other in the Wind among the branches and reach me, in an enveloping, infinite embrace.


An enchanted and a bit mysterious world, like a fairytale landscape. The karst trail where we will take you with the taste of Jo Ressel Gin Vento Carsico is exactly this: a walk in the forest. If you have the courage, you will enter an inhospitable landscape, where you will feel lost. But when you’re immersed in the foliage, in the flavors and scents of that wild land, you will wonder why you had not done it before. You’ll want more, and you’ll finally be home. Are you ready to come in?


It starts with the Juniper. Actually, it is the protagonist of the Gin! But this Vento Carsico Gin will amaze you, for how it has been able to balance the flavors of Juniper and Mugo Pine, also enhancing the other botanicals, in this walk in the woods!

Mugo Pine

The first note you will feel to your nose and palate. It goes straight to your heart, without preambles. Fast as it arrived, it steps aside, letting arrive one by one the other botanicals that you will find in this walk among the flavors of the karst trail…


… Here it is, as promised, driven by the wind, that balsamic and pleasant note, that makes you decide to continue this journey just started in the karst forest…


Now you’re wondering:
what is this slightly peppery feeling that tickles my palate?
It’s her, the Savory!
Be careful though…
it is said to be highly…

Lemon Zest

What can I say…
its time has come!
His majesty the lemon zest,
that brings that refreshing and
degreasing note in a Gin
that is taking you
into the woods.

Wild Sage

You are about to lose yourself among the branches and here you recognize it: that intense flavor, that essential scent that pervades you when you pick a branch in the Trail of Sage in Trieste…you came back home!


You’re back home. Take a little mystery with you, keep that amanzingly crazy experience to yourself. There is a secret botanic that has made the taste of this experience so round and balanced. It has accompanied you, benevolent, beside your steps. Carry this experience in your heart.


Gin Vento Carsico


Alcoholic Content




Gin Brezza Adriatica


I close my eyes. I rewind the tape and relive the emotions of that trip on the road along the Adriatic coast.
The Breeze caresses my face.
I still breath clearly the floral and fruity notes of Karkadè and Fresh Orange, enjoying along the path from Trieste to the tip of the boot. In a moment I find myself in a vortex of passion between the Rosehip, the Juniper and the Pomegranate. The air is filled with the freshness of the flowers, to conclude a journey that I will remember forever.


Peace. Joy. Light.
You need to disconnect and get carried away in a world of sweet and floral perfumes. that will make you lose your sense of time.
Walk along the sea with its breeze, with the view that is lost in the horizon of the Adriatic Sea.
Summer is in the air, sparkling. It will be a summer to remember. Friends, summer evenings, parties. You’re young and fresh. You’re here and now.


An explosion of perfumes: this is the feeling that Gin Brezza Adriatica gives you. For you, a lover of intense scents and delicate tastes, a Gin with hibiscus flower tea will be an irresistible temptation…

Fresh Orange Zest

In a moment you will feel that the whole room is pervaded by that refreshing and fragrant taste…
Sweet and round, the taste of fresh orange transports you with its unique sweetness and freshness.


After the sweetness of the orange, a hint of acidity is what it takes.
Pomegranate, a taste so difficult to dose in a Gin… and yet our Gin Brezza Adriatica could not really do without!


… Rosehip, that particular and sweet taste you will recognize immediately and will lead you to immerse yourself again in the floral notes of this Gin.


The lavender, to give that slightly pungent and aromatic note and that character decided although delicate… that plant that gives such a spectacular landscape, the protagonist of all your summer memories.


And finally the Juniper, patient, not predominant, that has left the right space to all tastes, comes back to you. Remembering that it is the protagonist, at the end of this journey on the road along the Adriatic coast.


This experience so full of scents will leave you with a little enigma: that flavor that you felt and that you will try to guess. Relax though, if you want to grasp the element that makes sense to everything else the way there is, just one more taste!


Gin Brezza Adriatica


Alcoholic Content




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